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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Buried Life Project –What’s Next

Well at the moment I am working on training two green horses and I am in the middle of planning a flight to BC this summer.

I learnt that a lot of my life goals have something to do with my horses and my family. I have found my passion in life and I that I will be able to complete a few of the items on my list.

I really enjoyed using Animoto for my project. It was really simple to add my photos and choose the music, and then I had my video! It was a simple and artistic way to combine music, video, text and pictures. I think this was one of my favorite projects that we have done this year! 

Reading Response #12

Evermore(146) This book is different than the usual books that I read but so far it is interesting...  

I am going to keep reading all the books in the series and I want to start reading books that i wouldn't normally read. 

Personal addition #10

Here is chapter 2. I think there will probably be a second part to this chapter as well. I'm really enjoying writing this story because I'm not entirely sure where I am going with it. So far I am just making it up as i go along. I have learnt that I really enjoy describing nature scenes. It comes easily because my family is very outdoorsy so i have been in a lot of the settings that i describe in my story. I hope this chapter isn't too boring. Enjoy.
Chapter 2

That night she dreamt of many large shadow creatures that were milling around her. For some reason she didn’t feel threatened by them, she only wished she could see what they were. She had a feeling that they could help her somehow. The ghostly shadows came closer and closer but just when she thought she would be able to touch one, a loud shrill noise, almost like a whistle made all the shadows retreat. She tried to follow but none of her limbs would move. Sadly she watched as all her guardians left and she was once more alone. The dream ended in pure darkness that was tainted with a choking sorrow.

She awoke around mid-afternoon by the position of the sun. He throat felt like someone had poured burning hot water down it. She whimpered in pain as she accidently jostled her broken arm. To her, it felt like she was already dead, but her stomach told her otherwise. It growled loudly, demanding food. She couldn’t even muster the energy to move out from under the pine tree, let alone go looking for something to eat. She wanted to scream! This situation was impossible. How was she supposed to survive when she was injured and had no idea where she was? She had seen some of those survival shows on tv but they usually took place in a jungle. That didn’t really help but she remembered that if the contestants got really hungry, they would eat the plants.

She looked at the pine needles that hung in front of her face, considering trying to eat them. She had never heard anyone say that you couldn’t eat pine needles, so she used her good hand to pluck a few off the branch closest to her. She put the small needles in her mouth and just let them sit on her tongue for a minute. They were bitter but seemed to hold a tiny bit of moisture so she sucked on them. When she could get no more moisture from them, she chewed them, which made the bitterness even worse, so she swallowed them quickly.

She repeated this several times until her thirst had lessened slightly. Her throat only burned slightly now and the short reprieve was like heaven to her. Now that her head was a little clearer she tried to take stock of all her injuries.

Her right arm was the worst. It was definitely broken and she needed to make a sling or a makeshift cast as soon as possible if she wanted it to ever heal. She also had her head wound to worry about. She felt around her head to see how bad it was exactly. From what she could tell it wasn’t too deep but it was very wide and very long. The cut went from just above her right eye all the way to the top of her head, where it was at its widest. Those two seemed to be the most urgent.

Other than that she just had some nasty little cuts and she was covered from head to toe in bruises. She would live if she could make sure to set her broken arm and to keep her head wound from getting infected. She was also a little nauseous, so she most likely had a concussion to top everything off.   She thought again back to some of the shows she had watched. One man had broken his leg in a challenge and his friends had used some long branches and a shirt to make a makeshift cast.

So she started with her broken arm. She looked about for two sturdy branches and then for some cloth to bind her arm. The branches were easy enough to find but the cloth was another story all together. All she had on was a torn T-shirt, a pair of denim shorts and her bathing suit. She had no idea why she was dressed like this or if these were even her own clothes, because she was usually against showing so much skin, but this was all she had to work with. She managed to rip the bottom of her T-shirt off with some difficulty and though it was small it would have to work.

She put her arm on the ground and in a second of brave madness, pulled her hand so that her forearm was straight like it should be. She screamed in excruciating pain and nearly blacked out but she managed to get the branches secured firmly against her arm with the T-shirt. She panted heavily as tears streamed down her face and her arm throbbed incessantly. At least that was over and done with. Now for her head wound.

The only thing she could think of doing was to try and clean out any dirt or debris that had become lodged in the wound. She ripped off another small piece of her ever shrinking shirt and used that to wipe the wound clean. It hurt almost as badly as realigning her bone because the wound was caked in sand. She continued to wipe the wound until she could feel almost no sand at all, left in it.

Through with tending to her major wounds, she collapsed against the sticky, spiked trunk of the pine tree and just took some deep breaths. Once she had calmed down a little, she chewed some more pine needles and seeing it was early evening, settled down to try and sleep.

Newspaper Blackout Poetry

Sorry the pictures are so blurry but i used my phone and these are the best pictures it could take. To help i wrote the words beside each picture.

 October, that's when, time, will, be buried. This, month,count on hoopla aplenty. The, cold, weather sets in, but, we, still, consider, the, free, time, in, June.
 What, you, remember,in 1990, was replaced. These changes, celebrate, an era, without, the, limits, of, the, old days.

Year, to, year, injuries, from, the, creep, of, time, appear, at random.

Personal addition #9

Chapter 1 part 2

Now she had a better view of her surroundings for a few miles in all directions. The rest was enveloped in a thin layer of fog. Behind her was a vast ocean filled with menacing black rocks and a grey sky for as far as she could see. To either side of her was a stretch of beach that curved around out of sight. In front of her she could see that the beach ended a few miles ahead and left only the dark ocean. Slightly to the right of her was a small sandy hill covered in sparse brown grass. She could here sea birds calling to each other and she saw a pair of sandpipers walking along the beach on their spindly long legs.

The fog was cold and damp and the wind was picking up, she was freezing. She knew she had to find shelter and water soon if she was going to survive, so she set off towards the slight hill on her unsteady legs. She felt like she had just been run over by a semi-truck then dragged over sandpaper until her skin was raw. Her throat ached terribly from either the salt water or maybe from screaming. She had no way to tell until her memory came back, if it ever did. She pressed on up the hill to find shelter and hopefully something to drink, as fast as her legs would carry her.

As she reached the crest of the hill, she saw a sight that made her sob. As far as she could see in front of her there was only dead prairie grass and one sad little pine that hugged the ground. It must be fall in this desolate place. That would explain all the dead plants and that also meant that there would probably be snow soon. She had no idea how she would survive if it got any colder, but she had to focus on her current problem. She looked around and saw that it was getting darker. She needed to get warm before the sun went down completely and the cold became unbearable.

The poor little pine was the only shelter she could see, so she stumbled over to its wide, low branches. She carefully crawled under the branches, making sure to bump her arm as little as possible. Though it was uncomfortable and the pine needles were poking her, it was slightly warmer under the branches. She curled up as tightly as she could to try and keep warm as she finally let the tears fall.
She cried herself to sleep that night, praying that this was all just a bizarre dream and that when she awoke it would all be over. She missed her home and her family, even her annoying younger brother.

My Bucket List (Buried Life Project)

1. Become a veterinarian
2. See my cousins grow up
3. Have a dog
4. Stay in a cabin all summer
5. Write a book
6. Have a house in the country
7. Have my own stable
8. Swim with fish in the ocean
9. Own my own horses
10. Compete in a barrel racing event
11. Spend a summer by the lake side
12. Ride a racehorse- complete
13. Visit my Grandfather in BC
14. Go see a herd of wild horses
15. See a koala
16. Ride a Clydesdale
17. Go on a tropical vacation
18. Own a foal
19. Have one of my drawings in a book
20. Rescue a kitten- complete
21. See a wild polar bear
22. Become a professional riding coach
23. See a giant waterfall
24. Put a message in a bottle
25. Train a ‘green’ horse
26. Go scuba diving
27. Swim in the dead sea
28. Swim with dolphins
29. See a volcano
30. Go on a cattle drive
31. Get married on a beach
32. Have my own children
33. Visit Paris
34. Ride a horse in a movie
35. Be on an episode of Supernatural
36. Go see some of the places Pirates of the Caribbean was shot
37. Go to Australia
38. See a kangaroo
39. Pet a Koala
40. Train a foal
41. Win the lottery
42. Learn to speak Latin
43. Go to Italy
44. Write a bestselling novel
45. Live in a small town
46. Eat at a five star restaurant
47. Stay at a five star hotel
48. Go on a safari
49. Love someone with all my heart
50. Go to England
51. Ride a horse along the beach
52. Go to a deserted Island
53. Be a zombie on the Walking Dead
54. Go for a hot air balloon ride
55. Meet Jensen Ackles
56. Go cliff diving
57. Go on a helicopter ride
58. Ride an elephant
59. Go to the Calgary Stampede
60. Rescue a wild horse
61. Learn to cook in Paris
62. Backpack across Europe

Reading and Writing Response #10


I love to write short stories but I found that it was far more challenging to compress my ideas into little 140 character tweets. I found that I couldn’t add as much detail as I would have liked to without having a bunch of rather dull tweets. I enjoyed the fact that we could add some visuals to our stories because I think that visuals help to enhance a story that has been condensed like this. I used my visuals to set the scene and to give an idea of what my main character looked like because I didn’t think I was able to properly describe them in my story. I’m honestly not sure how I felt about being “published” on twitter. It’s exciting to know that my story might be read by other people but I’m not sure that I want to be a twitter “author”. I hope one day to be able to write and publish a real book….


I read the twitter fiction story Monster Crush by Anna Banks and Emmy Laybourne as well as Tay’s twitter fiction. I chose to read monster crush because I have enjoyed Anna Banks writing before and I’m a sucker for monster fiction. I read Tay’s because he always manages to create a fascinating story that leaves you thinking about it even after you read it. They were both very well written but I’m not sure I like reading in the little posts. I think I enjoy a normal book because it seems to me that they leave out some of the detail so they can fit the 140 character limit. I thought that spending an entire class reading ‘twitter’ was an interesting change but I think I would rather stick to books in the future. I was surprised by the amount of one tweet stories that were out there. I personally didn’t like the one tweet stories. I thought they were far too difficult to write and they also weren’t that interesting to read. I prefer a story with more detail and a proper story line.


I had never used twitter before this assignment, so I learned a lot. Firstly, I learned that people post EVERYTHING on twitter. I don’t necessarily need to know every single thing my favorite author is doing at all times. I found it wasn’t as professional as I thought it should be especially when it came to well-known authors. I’m sure twitter could be used for other projects, like for our bucket list but personally I would rather just use our blogs.