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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Twitter Fiction- Afraid of the Dark

Afraid of the Dark 

By: Jenine Thompson

The stair creaked under her foot and she froze instantly. Did they hear her? Would they catch her? She inched down to the last step quietly.

Ten more steps and she was home free! She made a run for it but just as she was reaching for the knob, she was stopped dead in her tracks.

The arm that grabbed her around the waist made her jump.” I win again!” declared the smug voice behind her. She smacked his arm, annoyed.

“Let go of me Kyle!” she barked, as her best friend Amy came running around the corner. “Awe come on Skye! They win again!” wined Amy.

Skye hung her head in shame as Ren waved their teams red flag. This was the fifth time in a row their team had lost at capture the flag.

She jerked away from Kyle who still had not released her. He thought they had a ‘thing’ because he could get any other girl he wanted…

What he couldn’t seem to understand was that she hated him! He was so self-absorbed that he hadn’t even considered she might not like him.

It was his arrogance that she truly hated. He could be a nice guy but then his friends would appear and he would transform into a total jerk

He laughed when she glared at him, and this only infuriated her. “What do you say?” he chuckled “One more round or are you too scared, Skye”

She looked over at Ren who appeared to be bored. “Nah I’m done for the day” She said with a sigh “Let’s do something else, any suggestions?”

“Let’s go back to my place and watch a movie.” suggested Ren. Everyone nodded and with no objections, they walked back to Ren’s black truck.

Skye jumped in the front before Kyle could and stuck out her tongue as he climbed into the back. He seemed to bring out the worst in her…

Within minutes they were back at Ren’s giant house. His family had a lot of money from his dad’s multiple businesses and it really showed.

They went around back to the entertainment room so they wouldn’t run into Ren’s aunt. She was a little crazy about keeping the place clean.

They took turns going into the bathroom to try and clean some of the dust and dirt from the old house off of their clothes and faces.

Skye went last and as she was standing in front of the mirror scrubbing a spot of dirt off her cheek, she stopped to look at her reflection.

An oval shaped face with bright hazel eyes starred back at her. Her lashes and eyebrows were naturally dark compared to her light complexion

She had a small straight nose and full lips. She didn’t spend her time starring at herself but she guessed she was pretty. Then her hair…

She could never do anything with the long wavy mess, that was such a dark brown that it looked black and made her light skin look even paler

She took a final look at herself and decided she couldn’t do anything more to clean up, so she left the bathroom to look for her friends.

She walked towards the huge couch where her friends were browsing through the thousands of movies on Ren’s big flat screen TV.

She immediately noticed that Kyle had left a big space between him and the end of the couch, which was obviously meant only for her.

She made a point of walking past Kyle and sitting in the tiny space between Ren and Amy. Kyle laughed and moved over. She had one this one!

The movie turned out to be some action movie but no one really watched it. Amy kept trying unsuccessfully to flirt with Kyle the whole time.

Kyle kept glancing over Amy’s head to look at Skye who was doing her best to ignore him and just enjoy sitting so close to Ren on the couch.

Once the movie was over, Kyle volunteered to drive them all home. Skye rolled her eyes and told Amy to take the front seat.

As they walked to Kyle’s Mustang, Skye couldn’t believe how dark it was. “It must be a new moon tonight.” she muttered quietly.

They piled into the Mustang and Kyle took off at his usual ridiculous speed while Skye clutched her seat belt for dear life.

She could feel the wind whistling through her long hair and stinging her skin. The wind was so cold it made her eyes water.

“Please slow down!” Skye begged. “You’re going to get us killed!” Kyle laughed and swerved the car a few times just to scare her some more.

There was a sharp bend in the road up ahead and Kyle sped up even more. Skye’s eyes were wide as the bend approached much too fast…

Kyle started to turn but was going too fast. The tires of the Mustang started to skid into the other lane at the crest of the bend.

Just as they came around the bend, they heard the loud growl of a trucks engine and saw a blinding flash of bright yellow light…

Skye found herself thinking about her life and decided that if this was the day she had to die than it had been almost the perfect day.

Her only regret was that she would never get to see Ren one last time or hug her best friend Amy again or even fight with Kyle one last time

The last thing Skye heard was the shriek of metal against metal and an unearthly scream…then all was black…

To be continued….

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