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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Reading and Writing Response #8

Reading Response #8

Book: Untraceable
Author: S.R. Johannes
Pages read: 60-126

This is the first book in the Nature of Grace trilogy. This book was an interesting mystery that had me asking many questions. For example I wondered what had happened to Graces father. I predicted that her father was still alive and that he was just injured or lost so he couldn’t make his way home. Another question I had was why everyone seemed to give up the search so early. I have a suspicion that someone doesn’t want Graces father to be found. I also made a text to self-connection between myself and the main character. Grace is an outdoorsy girl with a love of animals and reading. I feel like I can really connect with her because of how similar we are. We also both love our fathers and have learnt so much from them. I can easily sympathize with her difficulty in communicating with her mother and trying to find a place for herself in the world. Another thing I wanted to point out was how detailed the descriptions of the forests flora and fauna was. It was really impressive to see how much research the author must have put in for me to be able to feel like I was really there walking through the forest.

Writing Response #8

I found the blackout poetry to be an interesting new writing form. I found it was a little more difficult to find inspiration in the depressing newspaper articles that I read.  I liked the overall look once it was done but I found it wasn’t as interesting as some of the other writing projects we have done. I preferred the writing and adding a visual (6 word memoir) because I thought it had a better impact then the blackout poetry. Plus I am not a huge fan of poetry so it was harder for me to write. I much preferred taking words and visuals and combining them or even just writing a story. I don’t think I learnt much about myself other than I really don’t like to write poetry (and I really can’t write poetry…). I found that poetry is a really difficult form of writing because not everyone likes the same kind of poetry as well as not everyone interprets it the same way. I also found that without the visual it was much less interesting in my eyes.

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