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Monday, 5 November 2012

Reading Response #7

Book: The Fallen Star

Author: Jessica Sorensen

Pages Read: 1-40


This is the first book in a new series I started. It leaves me with a ton of new questions after every chapter. One of my questions was who and what are the men with yellow eyes? They seem like they will be one of the more important foes in this series. Could it be that they are some kind of vampire or demon? I also wonder why Alex seems to be so heartless and so cold. Is it possible he too is not human? His sister and his best friend disappear and we never find out what happens to them so I am wondering if they are dead. It seems like the most likely answer but I really hope not because I like Laylen and Ailsin. Gemma is the main character yet we know so little about her history. I want to know who her father is and if both he and her mother are still alive. Mark and Sophia are her grandparents yet they don’t seem to love her at all. Could it be that they really aren’t her grandparents? Could they have stolen her away when she was young? It would explain some of their terrible behavior towards Gemma. I made one prediction so far. I think that the man with the scar from her dream will be Alex’s father. We often here about this man with a scar and we know nothing of Alex’s father so it makes sense that they would be one person. I hope by the end of this book I get at least some answers to my questions.

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