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Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Bucket List (Buried Life Project)

1. Become a veterinarian
2. See my cousins grow up
3. Have a dog
4. Stay in a cabin all summer
5. Write a book
6. Have a house in the country
7. Have my own stable
8. Swim with fish in the ocean
9. Own my own horses
10. Compete in a barrel racing event
11. Spend a summer by the lake side
12. Ride a racehorse- complete
13. Visit my Grandfather in BC
14. Go see a herd of wild horses
15. See a koala
16. Ride a Clydesdale
17. Go on a tropical vacation
18. Own a foal
19. Have one of my drawings in a book
20. Rescue a kitten- complete
21. See a wild polar bear
22. Become a professional riding coach
23. See a giant waterfall
24. Put a message in a bottle
25. Train a ‘green’ horse
26. Go scuba diving
27. Swim in the dead sea
28. Swim with dolphins
29. See a volcano
30. Go on a cattle drive
31. Get married on a beach
32. Have my own children
33. Visit Paris
34. Ride a horse in a movie
35. Be on an episode of Supernatural
36. Go see some of the places Pirates of the Caribbean was shot
37. Go to Australia
38. See a kangaroo
39. Pet a Koala
40. Train a foal
41. Win the lottery
42. Learn to speak Latin
43. Go to Italy
44. Write a bestselling novel
45. Live in a small town
46. Eat at a five star restaurant
47. Stay at a five star hotel
48. Go on a safari
49. Love someone with all my heart
50. Go to England
51. Ride a horse along the beach
52. Go to a deserted Island
53. Be a zombie on the Walking Dead
54. Go for a hot air balloon ride
55. Meet Jensen Ackles
56. Go cliff diving
57. Go on a helicopter ride
58. Ride an elephant
59. Go to the Calgary Stampede
60. Rescue a wild horse
61. Learn to cook in Paris
62. Backpack across Europe

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