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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Personal addition #9

Chapter 1 part 2

Now she had a better view of her surroundings for a few miles in all directions. The rest was enveloped in a thin layer of fog. Behind her was a vast ocean filled with menacing black rocks and a grey sky for as far as she could see. To either side of her was a stretch of beach that curved around out of sight. In front of her she could see that the beach ended a few miles ahead and left only the dark ocean. Slightly to the right of her was a small sandy hill covered in sparse brown grass. She could here sea birds calling to each other and she saw a pair of sandpipers walking along the beach on their spindly long legs.

The fog was cold and damp and the wind was picking up, she was freezing. She knew she had to find shelter and water soon if she was going to survive, so she set off towards the slight hill on her unsteady legs. She felt like she had just been run over by a semi-truck then dragged over sandpaper until her skin was raw. Her throat ached terribly from either the salt water or maybe from screaming. She had no way to tell until her memory came back, if it ever did. She pressed on up the hill to find shelter and hopefully something to drink, as fast as her legs would carry her.

As she reached the crest of the hill, she saw a sight that made her sob. As far as she could see in front of her there was only dead prairie grass and one sad little pine that hugged the ground. It must be fall in this desolate place. That would explain all the dead plants and that also meant that there would probably be snow soon. She had no idea how she would survive if it got any colder, but she had to focus on her current problem. She looked around and saw that it was getting darker. She needed to get warm before the sun went down completely and the cold became unbearable.

The poor little pine was the only shelter she could see, so she stumbled over to its wide, low branches. She carefully crawled under the branches, making sure to bump her arm as little as possible. Though it was uncomfortable and the pine needles were poking her, it was slightly warmer under the branches. She curled up as tightly as she could to try and keep warm as she finally let the tears fall.
She cried herself to sleep that night, praying that this was all just a bizarre dream and that when she awoke it would all be over. She missed her home and her family, even her annoying younger brother.

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