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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Personal addition # 8

This is the beginning of a new book i'm writing. It's still in the making and i haven't decided the title yet. I am not the best writer and i am always open to comments on my work. I chose to start posting some of this book because i think it is probably one of the more complete story lines i have written so far and i am always looking for more people to read it and tell me what they think. I hope one day to write a book that is good enough to be published, but until then, i will just have to keep practicing my writing. 

Please take a minute to read this and comment. I will post more as i come up with it, so check in later.

Chapter 1
A noise, it sounded sort of like waves.
That can’t be right. What would be making that noise so early in the morning? It must be Sam, she thought to herself. It would be just like him to be making some stupid noise to wake her up on a Saturday morning.
She quickly noticed a burning thirst in the back of her throat. She was so thirsty that she almost forgot the annoying whooshing noises. She opened her eyes, and then closed them again instantly, only now registering that it wasn’t her bed she was lying on and that one of her arms was twisted under her body at a painful angle. She slowly opened one eye and when the landscape stayed the same, she closed her eyes as a single tear leaked out the corner of her eye.
A picture of the landscape was imprinted on the insides of her eyelids. It was a pretty bleak picture, with the scrawny brown bush and what looked to be an assortment of brown prairie grasses beginning at the edge of a thin strip of rough sand on which she was currently laying. She could feel the tiny grains of sand pressing into her bare arms and legs, as well as a cold breeze seeping into her bones. She realized then that she was shivering uncontrollably. She tried to get up but she had little feeling in all her limbs. She managed to use her free arm to roll herself over onto her back. Now all she could see was an endless grey sky. Another tear leaked out the corner of her eye.
Where am I? She wondered miserably. What happened to me? Am I dead? ….No, there is no way death is this painful. She decided.
As she laid there in agony, she felt something wet trickling down the side of her face. She reached her good arm up to touch the wet spot and to her alarm it came away red. She was bleeding! She sat up suddenly and her head spun terribly. It took a minute for her eyes to refocus and for her stomach to stop whirling around like a fares wheel ride. Maybe I hit my head and…. And what, I washed up on an island? She though angrily. No something is still missing.
As she tried her best to remember anything about the past twenty four hours, her head began to pound unbearably. Then the worst though of all occurred to her.
Is it possible I have been gone for longer than that? It could have been weeks! I have no idea where I am, how I got here or how long I have been here!
 She began panicking and this only made her head wound bleed harder. It was now dripping into her eyes and down her face. She tried to move the arm she had been laying on and a shooting pain was all that answered her command. She looked at the arm that hung limply at her side. It didn’t look dislocated, but as she looked closer she saw that her forearm was bent slightly. It must be broken. Miserably, she cradled the arm to her chest as she tried to get her legs to lift her up. They were numb but at least they worked. With a little more struggling she was on her feet and though she swayed a lot, she managed to stay standing.

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