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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Reading and Writing Response #10


I love to write short stories but I found that it was far more challenging to compress my ideas into little 140 character tweets. I found that I couldn’t add as much detail as I would have liked to without having a bunch of rather dull tweets. I enjoyed the fact that we could add some visuals to our stories because I think that visuals help to enhance a story that has been condensed like this. I used my visuals to set the scene and to give an idea of what my main character looked like because I didn’t think I was able to properly describe them in my story. I’m honestly not sure how I felt about being “published” on twitter. It’s exciting to know that my story might be read by other people but I’m not sure that I want to be a twitter “author”. I hope one day to be able to write and publish a real book….


I read the twitter fiction story Monster Crush by Anna Banks and Emmy Laybourne as well as Tay’s twitter fiction. I chose to read monster crush because I have enjoyed Anna Banks writing before and I’m a sucker for monster fiction. I read Tay’s because he always manages to create a fascinating story that leaves you thinking about it even after you read it. They were both very well written but I’m not sure I like reading in the little posts. I think I enjoy a normal book because it seems to me that they leave out some of the detail so they can fit the 140 character limit. I thought that spending an entire class reading ‘twitter’ was an interesting change but I think I would rather stick to books in the future. I was surprised by the amount of one tweet stories that were out there. I personally didn’t like the one tweet stories. I thought they were far too difficult to write and they also weren’t that interesting to read. I prefer a story with more detail and a proper story line.


I had never used twitter before this assignment, so I learned a lot. Firstly, I learned that people post EVERYTHING on twitter. I don’t necessarily need to know every single thing my favorite author is doing at all times. I found it wasn’t as professional as I thought it should be especially when it came to well-known authors. I’m sure twitter could be used for other projects, like for our bucket list but personally I would rather just use our blogs.

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