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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Reading and Writing Reflection #4

Reading response

Book: Tiger’s Quest
Author: Colleen Houck
Pages Read: 230-270

This is the end of the second book in the Tiger’s Curse series. I have had many questions and comments as this book has come to an end. But so far I haven’t been able to figure out the “So What” of this series.

I will start with questions. The first question I had has to do with a new character that has been introduced in the story. We learn about an ocean teacher and I wonder how he will be tied into their next quest? Another big question I had was concerning the dreams of Ren that Kelsey has been getting. Could they be true dreams sent along their deep connection or could they be a horrible trick played by Lokesh to find out Kelsey’s location? I truly hope they will find a way to rescue Ren before Lokesh destroys his mind and spirit! When they go to see the ocean teacher, there is much that is revealed about their destinies and also a lot of cryptic messages and promises that can only make me wonder how their lives will tie into the destiny of the world? As Kelsey and Kishan make their way to the spirit gate they are attacked again and again so I have to wonder whether or not Kelsey will even make it up to the spirit gate alive?  

I can make a few guesses about the “So What” of the book but I think it will become clearer by the end of the series. So far I think it would be something along the lines of ‘fight for what you believe in and the people you love’ because of all the sacrifices Kelsey makes to help Dhiren and Kishan. I truly hope that all her sacrifice will one day be worth it…

Writing Reflection

Well due to some technical difficulties, I am only just posting this now. I really enjoyed the six word memoirs. I love creative projects like this where I can use my creativity to really express my talents. My favorite part of this assignment would most likely be combining everything together and looking at it as a whole. I think that the picture really influences the point or phrase that you are trying to express as well as making it more visually appealing. Over all I think it was an easy assignment because I found it enjoyable. I learnt that it is harder to compress your thoughts into just six words, than I thought it would be, but I enjoyed the end result. I learnt that as a reader, writer and thinker I enjoy having a visual to add on to my writing and I found that it helped me to think and be more creative when we had to combine the two together. So I really enjoyed the six word memoir assignment and I hope we will do another like it.

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