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Monday, 29 October 2012

Reading Reflection #5

 Kelsey's iPhone

Book: Tiger’s Curse Series

Author: Colleen Houck

1.     Tiger Tracker: The first app I created for Kelsey was a Tiger tracking app because throughout the book she constantly losses one or both of her tigers, so I think this is definitely something she would want to have. I put a tiger paw print for the picture because for the most part when we track an animal we look for their foot, or should I say paw, prints.

2.      Dragon Riddles: I created this app because throughout the series, Kelsey has to solve multiple riddles in the form of poems and/or prophecies. This app was designed to help solve all the riddles using the dragon’s cunning. I used a picture of a Chinese dragon (No it is not a snake) because that is the kind of dragon they encounter in the series.

3.      Google Quests: This app was designed to keep track of their location. I have a kimono with a map on it because that is what they followed when they we’re out of time.

4.      World Clock: I chose this app because Kelsey and the rest of the characters are almost constantly traveling to opposite ends of the world, so it is an app I can see her using often. I drew an earth and put the hands and the marks from a clock.

5.     Kadam Notes: This app is designed for Kelsey to write down anything she needs and also to save all the notes and research that Mr. Kadam does to help them on their quests. Kelsey is always losing or ruining the paper notes that Mr. Kadam sends along, so this app will be very useful.
6.      iProphicies: This app was designed to keep track of all the prophecies that Kelsey is given over the course of the series. This way she can always have them at hand and will never have to try and memorize them.
7.     iWeapons: This app was designed to keep track of all the weapons that Kelsey receives from Durga throughout the series, as well as what they can do. They also find out that they can combine certain objects so this is where they could keep track of everything.

8.      Translator: As I mentioned earlier, the main characters travel all over the wold, and though Ren and Kishan can speak multiple languages, Kelsey can only speak English. There are many times during the series where a translator would have come in handy for her.

9.       Flying Tiger Airlines: This app was designed to keep track of the Rajaram’s private plane. It can be used to call the pilot to any place they find themselves as well as keeping track of where the plane is flying.

10.     iQuotes: This final app isn't as useful as the others but it is one that would be very important to Kelsey. Kelsey loves to read and she loves to quote the books, poems, and any other media she can think of. This is an app where she could keep track of her favorite quotes or look up ones she forgot.

For the case of the iPhone I chose to draw the Damon Amulet. This amulet is the key part of the series, because all their quests lead them back to this amulet. On the amulet is a Yin Yang made up of the two tigers in the series. They balance Kelsey’s life and are the most important parts of her life.

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  1. The case for your I-phone is incredibly well drawn and that's an understatement!!