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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Personal Addition #4

I have added two of my most resent sketches. I love to draw horses as well as almost all other animals, including those that don't exist. (Dragons, unicorns, other mythical beasts...) For me, drawing is a way to let some of the random thought in my head take form. I am terrible at drawing people so don't expect to see any   sketches of people. I prefer to have a model to look at when i draw but it's not always necessary. Well without a due, here they are...
 Sorry this one is kind of hard to see because it was sketched really lightly. Anyway if you can see it is a picture of a dragon. I recently reread the Eragon books and this what i pictured the dragons would look like.
 This was originally going to just be a picture of a horse, but two of my friends asked me if i could draw them a unicorn, so voila! A unicorn, which is just a horse with a horn.

All pictures drawn by: Jenine Thompson

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