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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Reading Response #3

Tigers Quest
Colleen Houck
Pages: 160-230

This is the second book in the Tiger’s Curse Series. So far I’m about half way through the book and already I have many questions and predictions. One of the many questions I had was why Kelsey and Kishan were able to escape Lokesh’s men and only Ren was captured? Could it be that that is what Lokesh had planned all along? This leads me to a prediction that Lokesh will try and use Ren as bait to capture Kadam and Kelsey, so he can take there pieces of the amulet. I also wonder if Lokesh will be able to find Kelsey’s foster family and if he does will he kill them or use them like he is using Ren? How will Kelsey complete her quest without Ren? He was always the one to get her out of trouble, and even though she does have Kishan, will the goddess accept him in Rens place? He is part of the prophecy but he isn’t the tiger Kelsey started out with. I guess we will just have to wait and see if the temple responds to his presence as a tiger like it did for Ren. Also what if Lokesh manages to get his hands on Kishan as well? Will Kelsey be able to go on by herself or will she collapse into a depression. She has lost so many people she loves…will she really be able to handle losing anyone else?

Lokesh is the newest character we see in this book. He is an evil man as ancient as the brothers and we must wonder how he managed to survive as long as he has. Could it be that he has some of the missing pieces of the amulet and if he does get all the pieces, what kind of havoc could he reap on all of India….or on the entire world. He is a powerful foe and he obviously has a lot of influence, so what could he be doing to Ren? That makes me wonder where he has Ren hidden away, as well as how Kadam and  Kelsey will be able to find and rescue him. We learned earlier that at the end of a quest we can see Lokesh so maybe that is how they will try to locate Ren. Though, when they complete their second part of the quest, Lokesh will be able to see Kelsey as well, so I think that he will try and lure her and Kadam to his hideout. If Lokesh does take Kadam’s piece of the amulet, I wonder what will happen to him because he is as old as the brothers only because he wears the amulet. My final prediction is that Ren will be forever changed from his experience as Lokesh’s prisoner. I can’t be sure that he will even survive, but if he does then he won’t ever be the same after being held captive and being tortured by Lokesh’s men.

Well in the next reading response hopefully we will finally find out what has happened to Ren and we will also be working towards their third quest, which I’m sure will only bring raise questions.

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