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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Writing Reflection

So far my six word memoirs have gone well. I have them all written out and have chosen the images I want to put with them. I chose to stay in the classroom to work because I like the atmosphere and I find it easier to focus when there are other people working around me. I was able to get a lot accomplished in class so I had very little to do on my own time. I enjoy this style of writing because of its simplicity and the fact that we get to add a visual aid as well. I love drawing and taking pictures as well as writing, so this style combines them all into one project. I learnt that I enjoy having a visual element with my writing and that it can be difficult to express yourself with only six words. The most rewarding part of this project was looking at the end result and seeing how well it all fits together.

Blogging is a new concept to me but I do find it an interesting way to share my writing and my opinions. I have had a harder time finding personal additions to add to my blog. I have added some of my pictures and some of my art work which I find an interesting way to “publish” my work. I want to add some different personal additions, for example maybe a poem or a quote, this upcoming week. So all in all I would say I’m enjoying posting things about myself on my blog for other people to view and I hope to expand upon it in the near future. 

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