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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Reading Response #2

Tiger’s Curse
Colleen Houck
Pages 1 to 60

To begin I will answer your question about my last reading response. You asked me if my book was about werewolves or vampires or both and how they compared to the lore about these creatures. The book was solely about werewolves. They were not forced to change every full moon though the need to change became stronger in the week of the full moon. They became wolves, not some wolf-human hybrid, and kept both their wolf and human instincts and senses in both forms. So they aren’t the typical werewolf from the horror movies, but characters that are easier to relate to in the end.
            I had a few questions about my new book so far. For example, I wonder if the change in the tiger’s behavior means he has taken a liking to his new handler. Ren seems to respond to Kelsey much more than he did for his owner. Could it be that he has finally found someone he can trust? Could his seemingly more human behavior mean he isn’t what he seems to be? That leads me to my next question. I wonder who the tiger will turn out to be. It has become obvious that Ren isn’t a normal tiger. Could he be the betrayed Prince we read about in the prologue? Or is it possible it could be the Princes brother Kishan? Those two seem like the most likely options so far. Another question I had was, what could this new character, Mr. Kadam, have to do with Ren? He has taken a great interest in Kelsey’s tiger. Could he be connected to the human I believe Ren to be?
            I made quite a few text to self connections in my book. The first one was when Kelsey starts talking about the precipice we stand on when we are in our final year of high school, how we have to choose to work or to go back to school. We have our whole life ahead of us and it is all in our decisions at the end of grade 12. I can relate because I’m in my final year of school. I have to start applying for universities as well as finding a new job so that I can succeed later in life. Another connection I made was when Kelsey talks about her personality. She describes herself as an animal and book lover, and an outdoorsman. I feel a connection to her character because we seem to be similar in personality as well as in our hobbies.
            So next time I hope to be finishing this book or I will be reading the sequel, Tiger’s Quest and hopefully I can get some answers to some of my questions. 

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